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What does OneReg do?

Great question! We are transforming the space where data and compliance collide. We are bridging the disconnect that exists between the regulator and those who are regulated. 

What is OneReg?

OneReg is a software platform designed for the aviation industry. 

When was OneReg founded?

OneReg first took flight in 2020.

What countries do you operate?

We are currently in Aotearoa, New Zealand, where we  founded the company. However, we are just changing our flight path and are about to make the jump to long haul. Let us know where you want us to land next!

How much does it cost?

OneReg has a sliding scale monthly subscription dependent on the size of your organisation, the number of users and how many features you would like to use. Get in touch for a demo and quote. 

Who are OneReg's customers?

We are here for the single drone user right through to airlines, airports and everyone in between. We also have a regulator portal, so even have made a space for the regulator. 

Is OneReg safe?

Given that we are housing extremely important and private data, we know that safety is an imperative. We have extensive policies and procedures in place to limit risk, such as frequent database backups, vulnerability scanning, encryption and more. We also use AWS which means we have the tools to best protect your customer data and minimise disruption. 

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