Real time data for better decision making

When it comes to safety, you want to make decisions with the latest data from your business. OneReg gives you real time insights from your operational data.

SMS Dashboards

SMS tools are often cumbersome and limited in their configurability. OneReg's unique and innovative tools support your SMS in whichever configuration you require — allowing you to manage the safety of your operation exactly as you desire.

Impact mapping

With the simple click of a button you can view which rules and requirements affect the content you are working on, and how changing the content might affect your other manuals, procedures, forms, or training content.

Supercharge and track your compliance now

OneReg’s advanced requirement linking features make sure your organisation never slips out of compliance. Our visualisation tool allows you to easily track how your documents interact with each other and the regulations that drive them.

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Compliance tracking

Link regulations and other requirements to your content with a simple click of a button. Import your own policy or standards, or use the public regulations actively managed by the OneReg team.

Compliance Notifications

OneReg's compliance engine will notify you which sections of your documents are affected by rule changes. View the relevant rules while you edit your content - no more inadvertent non-compliance.

Expiry warnings

Want to review a form, an entire document, or even a single paragraph periodically? Have you been granted a temporary approval or exemption that expires? Need to conduct recurrent training? Simply attach an expiry to an item in OneReg and never miss another deadline.