Centralise all safety and compliance

Make spreadsheets, word files and PDF's a thing of the past. OneReg centralises all safety and compliance data in one location for you and the regulator.

Features that put compliance at its core

OneReg is infinitely configurable to meet all your regulatory compliance needs.

SMS Dashboards

SMS tools are often cumbersome and limited in their configurability. OneReg's unique and innovative tools support your SMS in whichever configuration you require — allowing you to manage the safety of your operation exactly as you desire.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Our learning and training features allow you to create a single source of truth for all your training data. With one click you can easily convert manuals into training modules with quizzes and more.

Supercharge and track your compliance now

OneReg’s advanced requirement linking features make sure your organisation never slips out of compliance. Our visualisation tool allows you to easily track how your documents interact with each other and the regulations that drive them.

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Task Management

Assign tasks to any of your team and monitor their completion. You can even auto assign tasks, such as safety reporting, from forms submitted by your staff.

Easy content authoring

Tired of wrestling with word processing software that clearly isn't designed for your specific needs? OneReg's authoring system is designed to be powerful yet easy to use.