Created specifically for the aerospace industry, OneReg saves you time and reduces costs while giving you ultimate traceability and compliance. With over 100+ features to choose from, OneReg can be easily configured to suit the complexity of your organisation.

Version Control

Multiple copies of documents become a thing of the past with our advanced section level version control.

Easy Authoring

In just a couple of clicks, enter editing mode for any document in OneReg. This allows authors to quickly manage change of content.

Content Linking

Easily create content relationships between documents (including regulations). If changes are made in one document, be notified of any content which is affected.

Expiry warnings

Receive expiry reminders early so you can review content and make any necessary changes to remain compliant.

Training & Certificates

Easily create your own training content, or download material from our marketplace. OneReg can even import legacy training data from your old tools and processes, keeping your organisation up to date.

Advanced Forms

Create automated forms or download them from the Marketplace. Customise every form or entry behaviour by conditions or workflows. Forms are a powerful tool to get inputs from your workforce or to ensure correct process is followed.

Authority Portal

Collaborate seamlessly with the regulator and streamline the approval process. All communication and information is safely stored in OneReg. You will never have to look for email notes ever again.

Reusable Content

Create content in one location and insert it into multiple manuals or documents. Edit the content in one place and auto update all instances saving you valuable time and resources.

Auto Numbering

Never worry about updating a reference again. OneReg automatically changes the  numbering as you move content within a document. It also updates any references to that section in all of your other documents.

Configurable Graphs

Create different types of  graph elements for any type of data in OneReg. Get better insights on your compliance data with this easy to configure feature.

Task Management

Easily assign tasks to yourself or your staff and monitor their completion. Tasks can even be auto assigned by a form's workflow.

Unlimited Dashboards

Create multiple types of dashboards for all of the different kinds of data collected within OneReg.

Link Training to Content

There is an important link between your training content and the way you run your operation. Create links from your policy and procedures and be notified when your training needs updating.

Training Analytics

Get a complete overview of staff training, or a detailed view of individual training records and certificates — all linked directly to your manuals and forms.


Reading is one thing, but understanding is another. OneReg's quiz feature allows you to know if the user has really understood the content.


Easily download content from other providers; including training, forms, manuals and much more. You can also monetise your own content on our Marketplace.

Team Compliance

Ensure your team has read that important safety amendment, or check they have completed the correct training on time.

Link Roles to Content

Link roles to your manuals, and link your staff to their roles. Users can now quickly view what role is responsible for that task, and who to actually contact.

Synced Sections

Write it once, use it across multiple manuals. Keep everything up to date with less effort. Synced sections stay up to date with the latest version of your content.


Create training certificates with expiry dates. Certificates in OneReg come with a built in secure QR code you can scan to verify a user in the field.

Event Notifications

Set up notification emails from a multitude of triggers within OneReg, including expiration, document modification, publish requests, and form submission.

OneReg API

Create high quality connectors between data and events in OneReg, and your own application ecosystem.

Document Control

Easily make changes to documents without your staff seeing the changes until you are good and ready.

Seamless Onboarding

Import your word documents using the ingestion engine — it does 95% of the work for you. No more copy/paste into a new system. Import historic form data too using the smart form import tool.

Supercharge and track your compliance now

OneReg’s advanced requirement linking features make sure your organisation never slips out of compliance. Our visualisation tool allows you to easily track how your documents interact with each other and the regulations that drive them.

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