Safety Management System

With OneReg you now have complete configurability to support your Safety Management System — giving you the confidence that your operation's safety processes are compliant.

Over 100+ features

Make paperwork a thing of the past with 100+ features that support effective management of your knowledge and compliance ecosystem

Customisable Dashboards
Advanced Forms
Expiry Warnings
Event Triggers
Task Management

Easy content authoring

Tired of wrestling with word processing software that clearly isn't designed for your specific needs? OneReg's authoring system is designed to be powerful yet easy to use.

Version Control

Multiple copies of documents become a thing of the past with our advanced section level version control.

Supercharge and track your compliance now

OneReg’s advanced requirement linking features make sure your organisation never slips out of compliance. Our visualisation tool allows you to easily track how your documents interact with each other and the regulations that drive them.

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Advanced Forms

Create your own automated forms or download from the Marketplace. Customise every form or entry behaviour using conditions or workflows. Forms are a powerful tool to get input from your workforce and to ensure correct process is followed.

Regulator Submission

No more exporting everything from your system for submission. Simply fill out the application within OneReg and push submit. Participating regulatory bodies are able to assess your application within OneReg and provide feedback directly; with everything linked to the history of your documents.