For any of your inflight needs, OneReg's got the right crew.

Meet the team.

Clint Cardozo, CEO

Clinton Cardozo is the CEO and co-founder of OneReg, a digital strategy expert with a diverse background. He excels in coaching agile execution and delivering long-term growth. As a co-founder, he plays a pivotal role in shaping OneReg's vision and guiding its growth.

Wayne Thomas, Chief Product Officer

Wayne is OneReg's Chief Product Officer and a regulatory expert with a career in defence and aviation. He has a passion for innovation and breaking down barriers to achieve the impossible safely.

Daniel Paley, Chief Technical Officer

Daniel is an experienced professional with a background in technology and a passion for innovation. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering and has worked at Air New Zealand for nearly five years. In his free time, Dan enjoys surfing.

Carly Waddleton, Head of Customer & Operations

Carly is a skilled problem solver with experience in environmental regulation. She holds an MA in Public Policy and Management and is passionate about improving processes through innovative solutions. With excellent leadership skills and experience working under pressure, Carly makes sure OneReg is on the right flight path.

Richard Pratley, Chief Growth Officer

With expertise in enterprise growth, business transformation, and organisational leadership in the Technology and Software space, his experience perfectly aligns with OneReg's missionto help deliver our global mission of better airport experiences for all.

Dean Scratcherd, Software Engineer

Dean is OneRegs talented software engineer who works on the nuts and bolts of the software to make sure it is providing the solution that our customers need. He is an integral part of the team who's ability to problem solve and come up with innovative ways forward continues to propel OneReg forward.

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