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Transforming safety into effortless compliance.

Our Product

What does OneReg mean for you?

The OneReg promise.

One place

We strive to continuously push boundaries and explore new ideas  to bring everything together in one platform.

Transformative Integration

Bring together and integrate all your processes and data to provide intelligent and illuminating insights.

Control and Oversight

Complete authority and delegation over access, revisions, and expirations.

Real-time Compliance

Know what is happening in real time, all the time, so you can be confident with your compliance.


Cutting Edge Dashboard and Reports

Get real-time information about your entire operation, including occurrences, personnel compliance, asset tracking and wildlife monitoring.

Safety Management System

Cloud-based,highly configurable and enterprise-ready tools to support any Safety Management System, allowing full integration into compliance and regulation audits for less stress at audit time.

Authority Submission

Connect with participating Regulatory Authorities on submissions, making the approval process more efficient and visible. This ability has been demonstrated to adapt to the needs of multiple jurisdictions – easily and effectively.

Compliance Tracking & Impact Assessment

Our advanced linking feature makes sure your content is connected and warns you if changes in one document impact on another. This includes user behavior monitoring (Read and Sign) and complete traceability such as tracking section level read time, making sure compliance is met.

Information Management

Advanced Version & Publish Control

Multiple copies of documents have become a thing of the past with our advanced section level version control.

Regulation & Content linking

Easily create content relationships across documents so changes can be made in one location and updated automatically across them all. First of its kind technology linking content to regulations to assist with real-time compliance.

Advanced Forms & Checklists

Create your own intelligent forms, using our state-of-the-art features from heat maps to GPS, and automate their completion.


Easily integrate with other products in your ecosystem

Expiry Warnings

Receive expiry reminders early and as often as you like so you can remain compliant. These can be applied to anything, including documents, policies, document sections, processes, training, certificates and much more.


Training & Certifications

Easily create your own training material, linked directly to your manuals, as well as bringing in external certifications for all staff.

User Groups & Notifications

Our leading-edge permissions and user grouping system make sure that the right users get the information they need all the time, every time.

Dedicated Dashboards

Setup insightful dashboards directing teams, roles or users directly to the information they need.


Advanced Asset Management

Primarily used as an advanced assets register for critical compliant asset tracking, meaning you have complete oversight over your assets and their ongoing compliance requirements.

Interconnected Data

From leasing information, through to maintenance checks, depreciation and equipment usage, all your asset data is integrated and interconnected so that you can develop valuable insights.

Xero Integration

Sync your xero asset data with OneReg easily to develop further insights about your assets lifecycle.

Built for Safety and Security


AWS Hosted in Sydney

Multi zone point in timebackups for database

Zone failover for databases(<1min failover) (Postgresql)

ECS provides the ability toscale the application

S3 for file storage

Secure Django Web application


Continuous infrastructure vulnerability scanning and alerting via AWS (infrastructure) and Snyk (Code and container scanning). Reports consolidated and remediated with varying SLA targets based on criticality.

Point in time backups for all stored data to prevent data loss

Denial of service protection using recapcha on public endpoints and django axes at a code level for rate limiting.

Configurable object level permissions using django guardian.

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