Effortless Aviation Compliance

Take the complexity out of compliance to save you time, energy, and costs.



Free up key staff from the paperwork & digitise all compliance processes

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Reduce audit effort & findings by centralising all compliance information

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Get real time data for better decision making for safer outcomes

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Designed for all types of operations

OneReg is infinitely configurable to meet all your regulatory compliance needs

Agricultural & UAV Operations

Complete traceability across your Part 135, 137 and 102 operations – from manuals, logs to checklists and more

Airports & Ground Ops

Swiftly share operations and safety critical manuals and knowledge with your entire team and monitor compliance

Airlines & Cargo

Host and manage your training content and compliance critical certifications through one easy-to-use platform

What our amazing customers say about OneReg

"Having our suite of manuals, safety and compliance data, and regulation all on one interconnected platform will help drive our continuous improvement forward with absolute focus."

Glen MacWilliam
Safety and Compliance Manager

"OneReg is now our one place for all our regulatory, safety and job documentation. "

Stephen Wrigley
Managing Director
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Simple, yet powerful

Version control

Multiple copies of documents become a thing of the past with our advanced section level version control

Content linking

Easily create content relationships across documents so changes can be made in one location and updated automatically across them all

Expiry warnings

Receive expiry reminders early so you can review content and make any necessary changes to remain compliant

Training & certifications

Easily create or download training material from our marketplace


Create your own forms or select ones from the Marketplace and automate their completion

Authority submission

Collaborate seamlessly with a participating Authority on submissions