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Dynamic oversight Get real-time information about your entire operation, including occurrences, personnel compliance, asset tracking and wildlife monitoring.

Information Management

The right information, at the right time. Every time.
Version control eliminates document copies, regulation linking updates changes, while forms and API integration, along with expiry warnings, maintain compliance.


Know your team is compliantOur user grouping system ensures information is delivered to the right people, and dedicated dashboards provide targeted insights.


Interconnected and insightfulFrom leasing information, through to maintenance checks, depreciation and equipment usage, all your asset data is integrated and interconnected so that you can develop valuable insights..


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"Having our suite of manuals, safety and compliance data, and regulation all on one interconnected platform will help drive our continuous improvement forward with absolute focus."

Glen MacWilliam, Safety & Compliance Manager

“As New Zealand’s largest fixed wing Ag Operation, having OneReg, as a single reliable system for capturing and recording time bound competencies is a game changer for us!

OneReg is a one stop platform for all our forms, competencies, licenses and manuals, providing us with an simple and cost effective way to track our work  - and it provides expiry notifications so we can keep on top of things easily. This not only reduces the pressure on our office-bound staff but allows for more precise work planning and management. No more separate tracking sheets for one thing or another, they are all securely housed in one place and the protected version control is next level.”

Kevin Young,Super Air Chief Pilot

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